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Originally from Long Island, NY, I studied Journalism at Emerson College in Boston, with minors in Psychology and Publishing. During my fall 2022 semester, I attended the Emerson Los Angeles program, where I balanced being a full time student and an editorial and social media intern for AfterBuzz TV / Heal Squad X Maria Menounos. Besides the career opportunity, going to LA allowed me to see so many great new places, further pushing my passion to travel (and write about it). My last semester, I freelanced for the Boston Globe through one of my classes, in which you can find me in the Globe Magazine and online.


I was a staff writer for The Berkeley Beacon, the on campus newspaper and website publication. I focus on the Living Arts section, working my way up various editor roles, including the section editor position. Additionally, I served as the TV section editor for Emertainment Monthly for two years, and wrote a piece for the spring '22 print edition of Five Cent Sound, an on campus music publication.

I want to concentrate on entertainment, living, investigative, or column print reporting, though I'm always eager to put my photojournalism and audio storytelling skills to use. I'm highly interested in pop culture, lifestyle, people, true crime, and the arts. Writing, dance, and video games are three of the hobbies that have stuck with me for most of my life.

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